To Crop or Not: Helpful Tips to Wear it with Style


Crop tops are one of the hottest fashion trends of the season. Whether you are wearing one to beat the heat, or make a statement, these are the tips you will need to rock a look which will fill you with confidence and turn heads!

A Crop Top for Every Body Shape

A crop top walks the difficult line between sexily showing skin and keeping everyone guessing. Have you fallen into the trap of thinking they’re only for the super thin or very in shape? Well think again! A crop top can flatter every body type or sense of style. For those concerned about showing off too much, or are looking for a way to highlight curves instead of abs, consider the styles which leave a sliver of skin available for viewing. This makes the outfit more of a teaser, and still very stylish. Try layering so that the bottom piece of your outfit goes up higher than the hem line of a loose fitting crop top (ideas such as a high-waisted jean or short are popular this season).Also consider using a jean jacket, blazer or other layering piece on top instead to give you a covered look while still rocking the crop which makes you happy.This option gives you the lines you want in an outfit without being too revealing. Remember fashion is all about being fun and flirty; confidence is the best piece of any outfit so dress the way which makes you feel beautiful!



Accessorize to Make it Your Own

The crop top is an idea which started with belly dancing outfits thousands of years ago, but didn’t take off in America until the 1980’s. Given that everything about this trend is retro, the key is to make it your own by accessorizing for the style you want! If it’s the 1980’s look you’re going for, throw some big hair and eyeliner into your look, or make it more 1990’s chic with some beaded accessories or a higher neckline (turtleneck tops were once alllll the rage). There’s nothing wrong with making the look totally unique! Play around with accessories such as earrings, sunglasses, bangles, rings and neck laces to get the perfect jewel to top off your outfit! (Tips for making the look work for you: decide which piece of your outfit you want to be the focal point, too many stand out pieces can make you look sloppy or like you’re trying too hard).



Sweet Vs. Sexy

We see stars rocking super sexy looks as they grocery store all the time, but do those looks really work for everyday tasks like going to school and running errands? Only you know how sexy and daring you’re willing to go, but here are some tips to keep your crop top look a little more sweet than sexy.
Use different length items to your advantage: there is no need for the whole outfit to be itty bitty. Look at incorporating longer skirts or high waisted items into your outfits. Blocky sweaters and cardigans are an excellent idea for when evening (and cooler temperatures) roll around. The knee length pencil skirt has been a designer favourite this season gracing many a catwalk. Long sleeve crops are an excellent idea, especially when paired with an A-line skirt. It’s all about length ratio, you can make a crop top look sophisticated if you pair it with the right items.
Keeping hair soft is an easy way to keep the outfit pg-13. Try some soft waves or a hair band look to add youth to your look. Pair that with neutral or natural make-up (yes ladies, today may not be the day for your new orange lip color) and you will have the perfect put together. Bright makeup draws a great deal of attention and makes features seem more sharp than soft. This is great for a night on the town but a more subdued look is required to calm down a statement piece like the crop top.



Don’t Be Too Afraid of the MatchyMatchy

We all remember being dressed in horrible matchy outfits as children and I often look back at the pictures and abhor at the bright matching fabric. Well despair no more! The crop top actually looks great paired with a matching piece if you follow a few simple rules. Popular patters this summer are floral and tribal print. Keep away from colors which are unflattering to your skin tone, this is an outfit you’ll want to try on before you buy! If you’re a small build try to wear smaller patterns, the larger ones can overpower you and leave you looking lost, especially if the outfit is loose fitting or flowy.



Try it at the Beach or the Gym

Many brands such as Victoria Secret are coming out with crop options for swimwear as well as active and day wear. Mix it up and try wearing a crop top while doing an activity that you might not have expected. The mobility of a free midriff makes this style icon the perfect pairing for any workout attire, and crop tops have been popular with dancers and gymnasts since the 1980s for the wide range of motion they enable. Beach fashion often exposes our midriffs as it is, try an adorable crocheted crop at the beach this year!



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