Why Our World Would End If The Parents Disappear?


Tom was a software engineering student, about to begin his semester abroad in Taiwan. He had spent the night before packing, and was running late when his phone buzzed with a text from his friend saying he was coming to pick him up to take him to the airport. Tom rolled out of bed and threw his clothes on, then ran downstairs for a quick breakfast before his friend arrived. He scarfed down some frozen waffles, some cereal, and some orange juice, and gathered his suitcases and backpack together. His mom was there, and she wished him a good trip, and that he would learn a lot during his stay in Taiwan. She was smiling and cheerful even as she was sad to see her son leave, and to see him mostly ignore her as he was in such a rush.

Finally, Tom’s friend, Jim, arrived; Tom and his mom heard the honk of a car horn outside.  “Tom, well, that’s your ride. I’m so proud of you, honey, and–” she stepped in for a hug.  “I’m gonna miss my flight mom! I gotta go, sorry, talk to you later!” Tom said as he sped out the door, “Don’t worry, I won’t party too hard!”

Tom had a safe flight to Taiwan, and immediately met up with his friends at college there, and made new friends. He had a great time in classes, and an even greater time at parties: there were tons of hot girls in Taiwan, and the beer flowed freely. Tom always had time to call or text a friend to meet up for some fun, but never found time to call his mom. In fact, he forgot to call her on her birthday.

One Friday night, he was having a great time in a club, and to impress some girls, he went and danced on a table for a while, thinking he was the funniest and coolest guy ever. He ended up falling, of course, but was still drunk and having fun. Until he got a call from his dad: that’s how he learned his mom had died in a car crash that night.

The next day, he took a flight to get home for the funeral. His friend, (one besides Jim) drove him there, since she was going anyway…because her parents were visiting. Tom did his best to hide his tears as he saw his friend run into the arms of her mother, and they embraced for a long time, and he heard them both say “I love you”…

Don’t forget to express your love for the special people in your life. It doesn’t take long to say those three little words, but it can mean so much to someone, and to you. If you love someone, don’t take for granted that they know it: tell them, while you have the chance.

The home and family form the hub of life.

Words that are priceless -”You are just an Amazing Father and I really couldn’t ask for any thing better in Life.”

He did a craziest thing.





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