People Upgrade Their Phones More Frequently. What Can I Do With my Old Device?


In today’s consumer society we get rid of our devices as quickly as we buy them. But, is throwing out those old electronics really the best choice for both your wallet and the environment? We have examined the best ways to recycle your old phones , and still get some money towards your new device. Why just throw your iPhone 4S in the trash, when you can earn some cold hard cash towards your new iPhone 6. Here is the top ways to save money by recycling your old phones!



1. Kijiji

Kijiji is a great little buying and selling website that allows individuals to sell items to private buyers through phone or email. They meet at a public location and exchange money for the item. It was started by two teens in Halifax, Canada and has taken the continent by storm. Before posting, make sure to check what the average price of the other phones on the market is, and price yours accordingly. If you can unlock your device, it will be more beneficial for your wallet, as your old phone can go on any carrier and thus be sold to any individual. Make sure to wipe your device before taking it to the meet up, and meet at the buyers carrier to have a mobile worker check the device for the buyers peace of mind. Once you have done the trade, you will have the money in your pocket and you can go get your new device!

2. Gazelle is a website based in the United States that will buy your old device and send you money. They offer a decent amount for the phone, and the entire transaction is done through web and mail. Before you ship your phone, make sure to back up the device on your computer. This will ensure you do not lose any of your data, including photos and contacts. As well, do a full factory data reset to make sure that your data is not stolen. Gazelle buys your phone because there is gold in the circuit boards and will melt the phone down and keep the gold thus making a profit. They are a great company to work with, and are fast and efficient.

3. Passing it down to a loved one

If you have a teenager who has been bothering you for a phone or a nephew who is starting to get to that same age, why not give them your old phone. Many carriers offer bring your own device rates, and these are significantly lower than in market plans. You also will not have to shell out the money for a new device for them. Which is great, as those children are not gentle on their devices. As the account holder you might not get the money up front for your old device, but you will save money over the normal two year contract. It all adds up, and normally you will save more money if you bring your own device then trading in and buying a new device for that same line.

4. Trading it into your carrier

Many cell phone carriers are now offering a trade in value for your old device. It is not going to be jaw dropping, but more than you expect. The money can be used towards any in store purchases including cases, warranties, or the actual cost of the phone.  These carriers will take care of the recycling of the device, so you will not have to worry about correct disposal of the phone. Make sure to back up your device at home, or call ahead and ask the store if they have the ability to transfer your data on site. It is always awkward when we inform a client that we cannot transfer their data, and they are going to lose the data. These carriers will wipe the device on site, and show you when that is done. This is a great option for people who do not want to go through the issues with selling their device privately and want money at the point of sale.

4. Donation

There are a number of companies out there that will take your iPhone and electronic donations and use that money for a cause. Here in Canada, the Heart and Stroke Foundation as well as the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation will take your old electronics as a donation and use the cash to support their foundations. If money is not an issue that can be a great way to help your community out, and get the new device you are wanting. Plus, these organizations will give you a tax receipt to hand in during tax season. It really is a win win, you donate to one of these great charities, and you get a tax break.

When you are faced with getting a new device, you have quite a few options for dealing with your old device. You can sell it privately through sites such as Kijiji, or Craigslist. Remember, the device will be worth more if it is unlocked. You can sell it to a site such as which will buy the phone from you through the mail. You can pass your old device down to a loved one and give them the joy of their first cell phone. You can trade your phone into your carrier at point of sale, just remember to have your device backed up! Last but not least, you can donate your phone and help someone else out. You have lots of options on what to do with your old device, and it really is your choice. You loved your old phone, treat it with respect in its last days.

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