You Are More Than Just A Friend. Expert Views About ‘Perfect Mate’


Doesn’t the video look great? So, how did they ever get their perfect mate?

Selecting a perfect partner is a very crucial decision one must make for a happier life. There are many crucial factors responsible for selection of a perfect mate. You may have to decide at some point or another to spend the rest of your life with someone and make it joyous and fulfilling. This is the most important topic one must consider seriously.

There is some traits that separate an average mate from a perfect mate:

1.  Don’t expect anyone to be Flawless:


Everyone has flaws, sometimes they are just ignorant.  A good mate will not just teach you to be romantic and chivalrous. He/she must know you inside out and should help you to overcome those flaws and improve your strengths. How many times does he/she discuss about your future, your career etc. seriously? How many times does he/she motivate you when there is a low period in your career/life etc.? A good partner will never try to change you. No one likes to change and lose one’s identity and traits. Accepting them as they are with their flaws is what partner’s expects.

2. Honesty:

Honesty is the best policy. No one wants to be with a partner who is dishonest about their feelings towards you. If your partner continues to praise you even you look shabby, you know they are lying about it and possibly lying about many other things too! Speaking honestly with each other strengthens the bond. Dishonesty will avoid trouble for a while but will hit  cause big problems in the long run. Even if you have committed a blunder, accept it honestly. No one likes to find out things about your relationship from a third person. Remember a fake laugh hurts more than an honest grim face on poor jokes from your partner.

3. Communication:

What does your boyfriend/girlfriend talk to you about? Does he/she jabber only his/her problems or does he/she have the patience to listen to your problems too? Remember that when your mate is talking about his/her problem, he/she is not expecting you to solve it. They just want you to hear it out.  He/she will always want to understand you better and may want to talk to you even when there isn’t any new to discuss.


4. Intelligent: Intelligence is a turn on.

Everyone needs a mate who is intelligent enough to understand their problems and sometimes help them out. What’s the point in going out with someone who can only talk garbage to you? You can rely on smart people to make good decisions.

5. Must have good personality:

He/she must be comfortable to try out new things without being over judgemental. What’s harm in trying something new when you have your partner? Your partner should be open to ideas, adventure and can sometimes even doing something silly with you. Your partner must have a good sense of humour…Yes it’s catchy.

6. Do ask yourself if you like that person:

You must be sure about your feeling about the person you date. Does he/she respect you? What expectations does he/she have from you? Ask yourself once – Will you let your spouse date the same kind of person? Will you let your children marry the same person? Analyze the answers…you will know it.

7. Matching Interests:

You must have matching interests with your partner; this works out to be in your favour. It’s not that you should have all the same qualities but there must be some similarities. This is because you can agree on some common points. What would be like to go to be at a movie theater with your partner who has no interest in movies? Likes and dislikes must find some common platform.

8. Avoid being Intimately involved with a potential person too soon:

Having an intense sexual attraction to a partner is good but it doesn’t confirm that the person is a good long term partner. You must know the person thoroughly before indulging in a relationship. Don’t let your hormones make decisions for you because you have been given a brain or else what is the difference between animals that have sex and you Besides, intimacy is the key to a long term relationship, but relationship is not build on intimacy.

9. Spend Time Together:

No matter how busy a person is, he/she will always find time for you. It is essential to be with your partner for a sufficiently long period of time in a variety of situations. Always ask your partner to meet your friends and family too. Socialize with your partner as much as possible. Sometimes a partner likes to be paid attention during a social meeting. It’s not always the quantity of time but quality of time too.

Suppose your mate is really busy in some of his work and needs to meet deadlines and despite that he calls you up, then you shouldn’t hold him up for long but a short sweet talk will give him enough energy to finish up the task before time. It will never be enjoyable to be in a romantic place with your partner a moment after he/she has been fired from her office.




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