The 5 Best Headphones, Bang for your Buck

In an earlier article, I discussed what to keep in mind when looking to purchase a pair of headphones. There are a ton of features to consider like sound quality, Bluetooth connectivity, noise cancelling and much more. There are also thousands of different choices

Back to school: High School Edition

Although none of us like to admit it, the summer is drawing to a close and back to school is creeping up on us again! I always start buying my back to school items well in advance of the September rush so I will

Lucy and the 10% brain myth

We all have heard the classic saying, you only use 10% of your brain. The movie Lucy takes this to an entire new level. Here at gagimedia we are going to take a look at the movie itself, and divulge into how much of

Phablets, the comeback.

, Son When you sit down to watch a re-run of an 80′s sitcom, one of the best things about the entire experience is the fact that they have the brick cell phones, and they are practically as big as the characters head. The