The Essentials To Any Man’s Wardrobe


When it comes down to it, we all have our necessities that are required as men. We need a great razor, and a good sturdy pair of shoes. However, chances are you forget about one of the most important things to your love life and work life, your wardrobe. Women pay attention to how you are dressed, and your boss wants a well dressed man working under them. Here at gagimedia we have brought together the most important items that every man should have in his wardrobe.

White Button Down Shirt

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This is the most versatile item in your wardrobe, and make sure to invest in a great one. You can use it with your suit, with a good pair of slacks, or even a nice dress short. You will be wearing this one for practically any occasion. Try for a good light weight cotton shirt, that way you will be cool on those sticky summer nights.

Pale Blue Button Down Shirt

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This is a great color as it works with a variety of suit colors including grey, blue or black. If you are looking to impress the boss, look for a good solid color tie with this shirt. Make sure to wait patiently, but that promotion is just around the corner.

Navy Blue Crew Neck

This sweater is a must for those that work in an office environment or enjoy having girls on their arms. This item is practically the white button down’s best friend as it can be worn in practically any situation. Whether it is keeping you warm on a cold winters night, or being the perfect show piece during a summer night out, the crew neck is practically flawless.

Slim Navy Chino

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If you are tired of the classic jean look, this is a great look alternative. The slim chino is amazing for summer. You can wear a button down, tee shirt, polo or any combination practically. Really, one of the best overall pantalons that are out there.

Blue Suit

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We have all heard the joke, I have my funeral suit and my other suit. It is time to put that to rest and get yourself a proper wardrobe. Suits are meant to be loved not avoided like the plague. If you have your classic black suit already, look for a nice blue suit to match. This is especially important if you wear a suit to work as you will start getting looks for only having on in the rotation. Some stores have great sales on suits, so take a look and find a deal.

Boat Shoes

Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Billfish Boat Shoe

These little gems are a must during those long summer nights with friends on the local patio. These sneakers are going to go great with a nice khaki short, or those colorful board shorts. Plus, if you can get on that yacht you will fit in perfectly!

Penny Loafers

Rockport Men’s Shakespeare Circle Penny Loafer

These are an essential item to any mans closet. The key to wearing the penny loafer without looking like an ancient old man, is to wear them without socks. You can pair them with that classic slim chino, and plus get some invisible socks to help with that god awful smell from down there.

Black Lace Ups

Clarks Unstructured Men’s Un.Kenneth Oxford

The classic men’s formal shoe is a must in your arsenal. You will need to keep these bad boys polished and ready for any event. They are a must, and try to invest in an expensive pair because a good pair of shoes will last you a decade as long as you take care of them. You will be wearing these quite a bit, so make sure to break them in and that they are going to comfortable if you are having to stand a lot.


Lee Men’s Regular Fit Straight Leg Jean

  Yes, the classic denim look has seen a comeback this year, with many stars rocking out in their favourite pair of jeans. Look for a stiff pair that is not too tight, you are not one of those hipsters. These are going to pair well with a graphic tee shirt, or a nice solid polo, even a button down works. Just make it you, and you will be able to pull off these great looking jeans.

White Tee Shirt

Dockers Men’s Big-Tall Crew T-Shirt

 Much like the white button down, a solid white tee shirt is a must for any mans wardrobe. This shirt can be used as an undershirt, or be a great top with jeans or the recently mentioned chinos. If you invest you will get some time out of this shirt, otherwise the white shirt will be ruined after a few washes in the washer.

Pea Coat

Kenneth Cole Men’s Pea Coat With Bib

If you are in a northern climate, a pea coat is a must for any man. These great jackets are going to keep you warm on this freezing snowy days you have come to expect as the norm. They will go over a suit, and make you feel extremely professional. Nothing like taking off a pea coat to showcase your wrinkle free suit. Make sure to invest, as these coats are not cheap but will last a lifetime.

Woven Silk Tie

Silk Woven White Organic Paisley Tie

Yes, the woven tie is making a comeback, and we could not be more excited. These ties will make any boring white shirt pop, and make your style the talk of the office and the bar. They bring something different to the game, and people will love it. Try pairing this with that classic white button down and you will be styling soon enough.

Fashion is not only for the ladies of the world, and guys it is time to step your game up. If you can stalk your wardrobe with these great pieces there will be nothing stopping you. In the immortal words of the How I Met Your Mother character Barney Stinson “Suit Up!”




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