iPhones Afraid and Lonely in the Wild: Make them Feel Safe With A Case.


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Having seen the carnage and tears that a broken iPhone screen causes, it makes me cringe every time I see a naked iPhone in the wild. iPhones are not built to be dropped, and at the perfect angle the entire screen will shatter in a spider web right before your eyes. No one likes seeing this (except repair guys), and they can charge you an arm and a leg for a new screen for your device. Keep in mind that no case is going to make your iPhone indestructible, but we have put together some of the best brands to look for when choosing a new case. They offer a range of benefits from protection to style because we’re all looking for something different. Together we can cover up those delicate little iPhones, one case at a time.


Shop at Amazon: OtterBox Defender Series

Otterbox is one of the premier protective cases on the market currently. They have a multitude of styles and colors that will fit your personality. The Commuter comes with two levels of protection, and stick on screen protection. This case is low in profile and the screen protector will protect your screen from that accidental scratch. The Defender comes with more protection and a built in screen protector, plus a chic belt clip which is perfect to put in purses or school bags so you never have to search the bottom pockets for your phone again! Otterboxes are an encompassing case that is going to help you prevent that dreaded hairline fracture. While the other two cases are amazing drop protection, the Preserver offers a water proof case that is perfect added protection if you are “that person” who continually jumps in the lake with your phone. The best part of Otterbox cases are their amazing warranty. If you have any issue with the case including stretching or breaking of any of the components, Otterbox will mail a replacement to your door. These cases are a little bulky but they are some of the best protective cases available for your iPhone 5s.


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Shop at Amazon: Lifeproof iPhone 5/5S LifeJacket

A little known fact is that Lifeproof is actually owned by Otterbox, but the cases could not differ any more from their Otterbox cousins. Lifeproof is the chic case that happens to be one of the best overall cases in today’s market. They are advertised as water proof, dust proof, snow proof and drop proof. This case is going to be able to make your phone “life proof”: it will actually survive any weather that mother nature can throw at you. These cases are tough, and come in a wide variety of colors and styles for your iPhone. Currently, Lifeproof makes two great cases: the Nuud and the Fre. The Nuud boasts a transparent back that shows off the iPhones color, as well as a waterproof membrane which still lets the Touch ID work flawlessly. If you are a little rougher with your device, the Fre is the case for you. This case is scratch resistant and is designed to take a beating while still keeping your iPhone safe and sound. Lifeproof cases are great, but do make sure that all of the seals are tight!

Tech 21

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Shop at Amazon: Tech 21 iPhone 5/5s Case

Tech 21 is a company that produces some of the best low profile cases around. The secret to the Tech21 protection is similar to the reaction between corn starch and water (if you don’t know what I mean, YouuTube that!). This case takes cool chemical reactions to a new level in its protection! The cases have a band of colored protection gel that is designed to absorb impact, while offering the smallest real estate of any case out there. They allow you to legitimately smack your phone on the ground without concern, but we don’t recommend testing it. No really, don’t try this at home… we are not responsible for your screen if you do (Whew, our lawyers can relax now). Tech21 cases come in a multitude of colors, including pink, purple, grey, clear, blue and almost any color you can think of. Tech 21 also produces bulkier cases that are designed to clip over their original small profile case. This makes it super handy if you are going downtown, or out camping for a weekend and will keep you protected! This is a huge advantage to those who only need more protection occasionally but, would prefer a low profile case for everyday use. If you are looking for a good quality case that will withstand most small falls and still looks fashionable, look no further than the Tech 21. They are hard to find, so check online and see if they can ship directly it to your door!

Kate Spade



Shop at Amazon: Kate Spade iPhone Case

Yes, you are reading that correctly the infamous designer of handbags, clothes and shoes also has dipped their toes in the iPhone case game. Kate Spade offers consumers a top name brand that also doubles as a great accessory for any outfit. Kate Spade cases are one of the first brands to realize the phone is also an accessory and have designed a great set of cases to compliment any personality. The cases do not offer much drop protection or guard against water damage, but will prevent scratches to the phone for everyday use. They are made of hard resin and will make your phone sparkle. These cases are designed for the modern woman, who is not too worried about a drop but does want their phone case to catch your eye.

Remember a naked iPhone is afraid of a drop, so cover it up with one of these great cases. For those concerned about a drop, look no further than Otterbox. For those that want to take use their phone underwater or to take shower selfies, Lifeproof is your best option. If you are looking for a low profile case that is going to be able to take a drop, look for Tech 21. Last but not least, the fashionistas out there will be able to get the designer look with Kate Spade. Now get out there and cover those iPhones with flair and individuality; personalize your phone!

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