Their wings beat up to 200 times every second. Here are tips to control them.


When people think about flies, the first thing that comes to their mind is PESTS. They are associated with illness. They are the carriers of pathogens and hence lots of illness. They have been on the earth for millions of years (typically 220 million years) and hence measures must be taken to avoid their exposure rather than eliminating them. There are about 120, 000 named species of flies and is estimated that 300, 000 species do exist. Out of which 6 species represent the majority of them:

1. House Fly : The most common worldwide pest. It is found in all the 7 continents of the world. They are strong fliers and are easily distributed to large areas by flying or wind currents. They are usually found near their breeding areas.

2. Stable Fly: Also known as the dog fly, it is a blood sucking fly. They generally suck blood from cattle but in absence of cattle they can have the audacity to attach human too. Their bites are very painful and can pursue even after being swatted many times. They can go upto 70 miles from their breeding ground.

3. Flesh Fly: They usually feed on meat scraps and dead animals. Female flies have eggs on their bodies until they are ready to hatch. The larvae are deposited on food where they can feed.

4. Blow Fly: They feed on dead rodents and birds.

5. Blue& green Bottle Fly: They are generally found in urban areas. They are similar to blow flies.

6. Dump Flies:  They are the very effective carrier of diseases especially through their mouth and hair. They sit on your food and vomit on them to help them aid digestion because they cannot ingest solid food. The saliva helps in making the food stuff liquid.


Houseflies carry 100 pathogens such as Salmonella and parasitic worms. Common diseases like cholera, typhoid and dysentery. Refer the above table on limiting their exposure. Try to eliminate the cause, not fight the result. Some interesting Facts: 1. They have a maximum lifetime of 30 days, so when one enters your house, they cant stick there for long.!!!


2. Flies lay up to 3,000 eggs in their lifetime of 1 month. So pray that the fly trapped in your house is MALE!


 This is how you can know!

4de69c38f3eec9ce05f7ec12d4b562c5 3. Flies have two wings and can beat up to 200 times per second. They can stop immediately on landing. They have 4,000 lenses per eye and yet they cant see properly.


This is because they can smell things from 750 yards. So it can smell into your house but cant smell out!! 4.They lay eggs on food stuff. Sometimes your food. egg-break-flies 5. They have glue like substance on their feet to help them stick to surface:


To control them:

1. Start keeping your surroundings clean. 2. Destroy breeding sites around your house. 3. Use tight fitting garbage containers. 4. Use proper screen on windows. 5. Use chemical treatment of house. 6. Check if drain is properly covered. 7. Keep your room dark and allow one light source at exit, because flies are attracted to light. 8. Boil malt vinegar – They leave with the smell of boil. If you can smell the dirt, so can they..better than you.!! Killing of flies is not the option always available. Catch them and free them far away so that they can be back with their family and have fun! db54daed1e9502b650cb9bdf93bde3a4

Its similar to fish in aquarium or birds in cage. Everyone loves freedom, so let it be free away from your home.




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