Embarrassing Moments Happen Everywhere


Everyone has had those embarrassing moments in life: the kind where your face feels on fire it’s so red, and where you feel like just disappearing into a hole forever. Here are some classic and true examples. Maybe they’ll make you feel a bit better about your most recent embarrassing moment!

At the dorm



 I’m a college girl who lives in a dormitory. I brought a spatula (long story) to my friend from the room next to mine. He is gay and always wearing really short shorts. Anyway, I reached out my hands, gave him the spatula then pinched his nipple just to tease him. He looked so embarrassing and before I left I said “You are so sexy lol.” then went back to my room.

After a while he sent me the message. “Are you there? I am just arriving at the dorm and going to take the spatula from your room”
 I said “I have just given it to you at your room” 
“When? I just got here!”

 OMG!!!! He told me that the guy in his room is his brother that look so much alike, I didn’t know him before.
 I told my friend please send your brother my apologies!



At the department store

I put all of my exercise clothes and all stuff in my backpack. Later, I was in the department store and was going to pay for what I was buying. I tried to put my wallet out of the backpack but it was stuck to something. So I pulled it harder, and instead of my wallet, my panties flew out and fell on the face of a cashier… I apologized profusely to him at the time, and if he’s reading this, I’m still so sorry!

At the beach

I was wearing a bikini and boogie boarding at the beach with friend. It was a strong wave, nice weather. After we played I didn’t notice that my bikini had fallen off. My friend shouted and told me my your bikini felt off and to take her towel. I checked my breast, I still had my bikini on, so what’s the problem?
 My friend hurry to put the towel around myself and she said it wasn’t the top but the lower one !!



At the Resort

I stayed at a resort. At night, I had a bit too much alcohol and caffeine, and I peed in my sleep, all over the bed…so embarrassing when the maid came to pick it!



In the train

I took the train to go back home, and sat near an old woman. I felt asleep with my head bumping on her shoulder so many times.
 She got angry and said can you stay wake up? She was playing Bejeweled and she died. I’m sorry, old woman.



 On the Bus

I walked onto the bus, the door shut, and my head got stuck and I shouted “AWWW!!” so loud. when I opened the eyes…omg that’s a lot of people looking at me.


I wore a university uniform, and walked onto a bus. The ladder was so high. Then everybody heard my panties rip. 
Everybody in the bus saw what happened, and suddenly there’s a guy staring, not even looking away. 
I forced myself to come to school and felt cold wind touch my butt…
 Moreover that evening I had a group performance show. I was so scared when I walked on the stage! (But did awesome anyway!)



I always fall asleep on the bus. That day the bus took a fast turn and went over a bump, and then I fell down on the floor and found myself rolling in the middle of the bus. 
I scrambled then pretended to sleep again as if nothing happened. When I left the bus I didn’t look back.

TRxmeV2 via

I got off the bus, and one of my shoe-heels fell down on the stairs of the bus. I was going to take my shoe-heel back but suddenly the doors shut. I ran after the bus then realized that why I have to do this. So I took off another shoe heel and walk back home. Sometimes the easiest way is the best…



At the Nightclub

I was drunk and asked for a girl’s number in a nightclub. After that I came back to my table next to the catwalk for coyote girls.
 As I was so drunk and sleepy I took my shoes off, tried to move myself on the catwalk, rolled my shirt up show my stomach… my friend helped wake me up. What I woke up to was coyote girls were walking cross my body…



At the sidewalk

I played with my friend, fell down, and my hand smashed right on top of on still-warm dog shit. Everybody laughed…except me.


I argued with a friend, about “what is the thing in front of us?”. He said “ dog shit”. I disputed “It’s a rock, rock, rock I am sure 100%” just to confirm I put it in my hand and wondered why it was so light then smashed it with my finger OMG. It turned into dust SH#T!!

In a car after luxury dinner

I remember the first time I met my boyfriend’s mom and dad. They were from another country.
 We went to eat a luxury dinner. And I don’t like alcohol but not dare to reject it when they served vine.

 I didn’t know myself when I was drunk. After dinner, We went in to the car and I FARTTTTTED……. OMG !! Smelled so bad!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 13.12.20


At home

While I was watching a porn video. Put the headphone jack in the wrong slot. Though I put it in the audio slot but it was microphone slot. Then I turned the volume on so loud. Everybody in the house hear it. So embarrassing! Everyone in the house could hear it, including my mom and little sister…



Shopping mall

When I was at the shopping mall. I felt on the stairs and my shoe hit the head of someone who was waiting for the bus at the bus stop. He didn’t notice it was me…I walked bare foot, called taxi and went away.





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