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Alcatel: the Company that has come out of no where

Working in the mobile industry we are normally not surprised when new phones are announced. However, we have all been surprised with the entry of an entirely new company on the introductory Smartphone market. This new entry is Alcatel, and they are quickly becoming one of the top introductory brands in the marketplace. They have

Phablets, the comeback.

, Son When you sit down to watch a re-run of an 80′s sitcom, one of the best things about the entire experience is the fact that they have the brick cell phones, and they are practically as big as the characters head. The cell phone industry shrunk the average size of the phone throughout

iOS 8 New Features 2014

As Apple has released their newest operating system IOS 8 to certain developers, we here at Gagimedia have decided it is time to take an in depth look into what makes this operating system different than IOS 7 and what are the new features. Since Apple continues to lose ground to Samsung both IOS 8

What Teenagers Can Do With Future Technology

One of the most striking quotes from the social platform behemoth Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was that by age 30 a technology employee is old, slower, less likely to be innovative, have any world changing effects in the tech world. The irony in his statement is not lost given that he’s turned 30 a while ago,