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Back to school: High School Edition

Although none of us like to admit it, the summer is drawing to a close and back to school is creeping up on us again! I always start buying my back to school items well in advance of the September rush so I will let you in on a few of the items I think

The Wedding Dress Conundrum: How to Dress for your Body Shape

As we all know, summer is a magical season for romances to bloom and develop. There comes a time in every young adults life when the summer romance isn’t all the rage anymore; now the goal is catching a great partner and keeping them after the summer fades. In my mid 20’s I think I

Eye Makeup Techniques That Every Girl Should Know

Girls typically learn the basics about make-up from their mothers or older sisters. Unfortunately as fashion is always evolving, the tips and tricks your mom may have taught you might not be the look you’re going for. Below are three of the most popular eye looks being sported by women today, pick your favourite and

You are what you eat. Healthy Eating Tips.

Everyone seems to be obsessed with body issues today. This is especially true for teens; they are bombarded daily with images and desires to be an unrealistic shape. Girls are generally pressured to be skinnier and guys are pressured to have lots of muscles. Before I get into anything here, I have to stress that

DIY: Fish Tail Braids

I was awe struck by the beauty of all the braids I’ve seen popping up all over Hollywood. From Alicia Keys to Blake Lively, these braids are making waves at events all over LA. This hairstyle looks amazing and is perfect for summer as you can dress it up or down. Have you been looking

To Crop or Not: Helpful Tips to Wear it with Style

Crop tops are one of the hottest fashion trends of the season. Whether you are wearing one to beat the heat, or make a statement, these are the tips you will need to rock a look which will fill you with confidence and turn heads! A Crop Top for Every Body Shape A crop top