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The Ten Most Common Relationship Problems, And Their Solutions.

When you are new to relationships, things can go south extremely quick. There are some common issues that arise  in any relationship and we are to help you identify and help you through it. Here at gagimedia we know that our readers are going to be struggling with their relationships early in life. Thus, here

The Wedding Dress Conundrum: How to Dress for your Body Shape

As we all know, summer is a magical season for romances to bloom and develop. There comes a time in every young adults life when the summer romance isn’t all the rage anymore; now the goal is catching a great partner and keeping them after the summer fades. In my mid 20’s I think I

Big Brother 16 Breaking News- The Summer of the Showmance

Big Brother 16 seems to be the season of the Showmance! We have cupids arrows flying all over the house and today I wanted to help everyone play catch up after our sleepless houseguests spent all night chattering about love, lust and game strategy. My favorite development since the last episode was when Hayden and

Big Brother Recap- 07/20

Welcome to the Big Brother Corner where we recap and comment on your favorite show! Tonight we’ll be talking about the latest Head of Household competition in which Cody and Frankie were gloriously crowned. Given that both house guests are members of the recently dissolved Bomb Squad alliance, it is not a surprise that they

A Letter to Teenage Me

Dear Teenage Me, You know how you walk through the halls of your high school between classes and judge yourself based on other girls? You look at their clothes, trying to figure out which cool shop in the mall they are from, silently ranking Abercrombie and Hollister above your own American Eagle jeans and t-shirt.

You Are More Than Just A Friend. Expert Views About ‘Perfect Mate’

Doesn’t the video look great? So, how did they ever get their perfect mate? Selecting a perfect partner is a very crucial decision one must make for a happier life. There are many crucial factors responsible for selection of a perfect mate. You may have to decide at some point or another to spend the