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The Ten Most Common Relationship Problems, And Their Solutions.

When you are new to relationships, things can go south extremely quick. There are some common issues that arise  in any relationship and we are to help you identify and help you through it. Here at gagimedia we know that our readers are going to be struggling with their relationships early in life. Thus, here

A Letter to Teenage Me

Dear Teenage Me, You know how you walk through the halls of your high school between classes and judge yourself based on other girls? You look at their clothes, trying to figure out which cool shop in the mall they are from, silently ranking Abercrombie and Hollister above your own American Eagle jeans and t-shirt.

Funny Chat Words That Will Impress Your Friends

The Internet has touched seemingly every aspect of modern life: the way we talk, eat, travel, work, learn, shop, and have fun in a variety of ways, have all radically changed during just a tiny portion of human history.  It’s hard to imagine much of modern commerce, entertainment, and social interaction happening without the Internet

What You Could Learn From Your Best Friends

Most friends come and go.  But, like the specks of gold left behind once all the water and dirt has been washed from the pan, a best friend stays for a lifetime.  A best friend is the only person where you can risk being your true self.  They’re a person who knows your secrets more