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Ten Ways To Deal With Stress

With September around the corner, all of us here at gagimedia are gearing up for the back to school season. With school in session comes the inevitable overload of both work and commitments. This business in your life is a good thing but, it can also lead to stress. Stress can be either a good

You are what you eat. Healthy Eating Tips.

Everyone seems to be obsessed with body issues today. This is especially true for teens; they are bombarded daily with images and desires to be an unrealistic shape. Girls are generally pressured to be skinnier and guys are pressured to have lots of muscles. Before I get into anything here, I have to stress that

How Can We Reduce Teen’s Social Media Risks?

The Risks Of  Social Networking For Teenagers The wide spread of communications devices, as well as the development of social platforms that make instant connections and media uploads possible can turn sour when used without the knowledge of the impact that they can have, especially on the long run. And the most vulnerable are the

You Will Absolutely Hate Everything About Cyber Crime

The Different Types of Cyber Crime The Internet has evolved considerably in the past few years. While this definitely comes with tremendous benefits, it has also created a few negative effects, such as the creation and propagation of cyber crime. The scope of cyber crimes includes practically anything illegal done with the use of a