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Ten Ways To Deal With Stress

With September around the corner, all of us here at gagimedia are gearing up for the back to school season. With school in session comes the inevitable overload of both work and commitments. This business in your life is a good thing but, it can also lead to stress. Stress can be either a good

You are what you eat. Healthy Eating Tips.

Everyone seems to be obsessed with body issues today. This is especially true for teens; they are bombarded daily with images and desires to be an unrealistic shape. Girls are generally pressured to be skinnier and guys are pressured to have lots of muscles. Before I get into anything here, I have to stress that

Egg Facts And 10 Delicious Egg Recipes: Easy Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Ideas

Incredible Egg Facts 1. Worldwide, more than 1.2 trillion eggs are produced for eating every year. An average person eats around 170 eggs annually. 2. 40% of the Global egg production is consumed in China. 3. Occasionally a hen will produce double-yolked eggs throughout her egg-laying career. It is rare, but not unusual, for a young hen

How Vitamins Make You Look Younger And Prevent Heart Disease

Tips to Look Younger, Live Longer. Vitamin D and Retinol For Anti-aging. The age and culture we all live in (particularly in USA) puts a lot of pressure on everyone to look healthy, young and energetic; it’s no longer a question of wellness, wellbeing and quality of life as much as it is about portraying

8 Ways to Make Yourself Feel More Attractive

There are many women and men who are not Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt but they get people to turn heads and hearts to beat faster.  Why?  Part of it is confidence.  Being secure in yourself, regardless of your outer packaging, is attractive to both sexes. It tells people that you accept yourself exactly the

I Am Vegan. And This Is Probably The Weirdest Idea

When a person says they are a vegetarian, the first response of many people is: Really? They find it hard to believe that there is life without meat. The reality is that vegetarians can eat food that tastes better and is better for them without much difficulty. All that it takes is a little education.