Big Brother 16 Breaking News- The Summer of the Showmance


Big Brother 16 seems to be the season of the Showmance! We have cupids arrows flying all over the house and today I wanted to help everyone play catch up after our sleepless houseguests spent all night chattering about love, lust and game strategy.

My favorite development since the last episode was when Hayden and Nicole (Being affectionately called #Haycole) FINALLY made their showmance the first official pairing of the season. During the live feed Hayden and Nicole are seen cuddling and eventually… KISSING! They pulled up the covers so that no one would see, that is until Hayden got up to go to bed. He flashes the cameras a big thumbs up and heads straight to the diary room… I can’t WAIT to see that on tomorrow’s episode! Later in the evening, the two were cuddling again and talking game. Hayden said he felt like he knows everything about Nicole, and she responds by affectionately playing with his hair and saying that he’s the only guy she’s ever known with hair so long and a nose piercing. She has an odd way of showing affection, but it seems to work as Hayden is hooked! Is a relationship and alliance a smart move? How will Christine feel now that she is the third wheel in the Haycole romance?

Haycole aren’t the only two “love birds” making waves this week. In the last episode we saw hopeless romantic Caleb finally give up on “his Queen” Amber. The final straw seemed to stem from her friendship (or is it just a friendship…. ?) with Cody. Frankie approached Caleb to see if he would be receptive to putting Amber on the block and once all was said and done, Caleb jested about how Amber must wish he was her knight in shining armor this week during the Battle of the Block. It seems however that poor love struck Caleb may be getting a little aggressive about the unrequited romance. He was seen throwing candy bar wrappers at Amber and Christine during the live feed, and made comments about squishing a banana in her face to Derrick. Is this sulky angst or should we be concerned he may get more physical? Let us know in the comments below!

Lastly, I want to talk about what I deem an unofficial showmance. Frankie and Zach! These two have been seen doing EVERYTHING together since they got to know each other early in the season and Zach has gone on record to say he is as close to Frankie as if he were his boyfriend. The two have a “final two” alliance and discuss their lives together often. I wonder if this bromance is close enough for Frankie to reveal his celebrity sister?
Don’t forget to watch for my blog tomorrow after the Power of Veto competition, I’ll surely have new tantalizing information to keep you tuned in to Big Brother 16!




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