What You Could Learn From Your Best Friends


Most friends come and go.  But, like the specks of gold left behind once all the water and dirt has been washed from the pan, a best friend stays for a lifetime.  A best friend is the only person where you can risk being your true self.  They’re a person who knows your secrets more deeply than you do.  Each and everyone has a best friend.  They’ll always be a unique character in your life.  Time with them is like the chapter of a book you want to just keep flipping back to and reading over and over again.  A best friend can come from childhood, or be someone you just met.  True friendship can seem beyond human.

Here are some ways you can check if someone is your best friend or not:

1. See how he or she makes you feel about yourself.

01 best friend


A best friend will always make you feel positive about yourself.  He or she will support you in all your decisions, and will always be there to sympathize with you when you make bad ones.  He or she will always make you feel valuable.  He or she will always value your opinions, and be excited about your presence.

2. You feel comfortable coming to them even when uninvited.  (And vice versa.)

A best friend is someone who will randomly show up, open your fridge, and say “Dude, where’s the food?”

3. They force you to “Like” their social media updates to help impress their crush.

However, they will have some weird/uncalled comments for you there.  Especially when the matter is of your own crush.


4. They will always ask you the most stupid questions…because they know you have answers to them all!


And…then they’ll surprise you with another stupid question.


5. You owe each other money, with a trust to someday balance it.  They’ll give you money even when you’re in debt to them.

6. You can practice your best insults on them


But, they also hold a sacred right to insult you.  They know this is special right is between best friends only, (non-transferable!) so they won’t let anyone else insult you.

7. Your best friends know your favourite drink more than you and will always make it for you.


They also know your limits with alcohol…and will push up to them, just for the entertainment you provide.

8. Sometimes Silence says everything.

You don’t need to talk dirty with your best friend. They know how dirty you can think.


9. You know each others romantic history, all the way back to the first crush!

Because, you’ve always approached them for love solutions, and their go-to line is something like:

10. They know your best flirting moves, so they know right away if you hit on their siblings!


They even know how good and bad they are at flirting.

11. When you share a joke, your best friend will laugh at it, even if no one else does.  They know what you meant.


12. They are beyond formality

However much they say they don’t care, they are really the only ones who care.  They won’t do the things you want, but will do the things you need.  They always have your back, even when you don’t have your own.

13. You mutually hate the same person.

Maybe because your ex cheated on him or her.  Or the “hatee” insulted you one time.  Whatever the reason, your best friend will never be friends with someone you hate.

14. They are there for you when you are upset.


They will not just hear your problem, but will solve it and boost you.

15. They are always weird when it comes to you


16. They have everlasting silly wishes to be fulfilled.


17. Even after a fight, they apologize quickly and weirdly


18. They will never praise your looks … but when they do, you’ll know something is terribly wrong!!


19. Your Best friend will always take risks for you


20. All your craziest (AKA best!) ideas come up when you’re with them. Neither of you hesitates to do them, either.





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