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Having worked in the mobile industry here in Canada for the last few years I have quickly learned there are three players when it comes to mobile operating systems: Apple, Android and Blackberry.  Windows phones are not comparable, it is that simple, and thus we are not going to touch these awful phones with a ten foot pole. Working in the mobile industry leads to the inevitable question from my friends and family, what phone should I buy? That is a tough question to answer, and here at Gagimedia we are going to tackle it. We are going to look at the pros and cons of each operating system and the target audience that each phone company are marketing towards.


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Apple -  it’s more than a brand, it’s a religion. They have created a brand that sells itself and you see this when hundreds of people line up in front of the Apple store on any given launch date. Apple has some great things going for it. First off, they have millions of apps in their extremely secure app store. All apps have to pass Apple standards to be get to the store, and the phone cannot download outside applications. IPhones also have seamless integration with other Apple products. You are going to be able to iMessage between Macs, iPads, iPods and iPhones, and video chat using Facetime all through wifi or a network connection. Apple does have its faults, the iPhone goes through iTunes… this is a blessing and a headache all in one. ITunes was great, emphasis on was; it now makes it easy with one click to delete your entire phone. As well, the iPhone is built in China, and thus the build quality isn’t great. You are not allowed to open an iPhone or else it voids the warranty and for good reason. It looks like it was shoved together by a 12 year old in a sweatshop… oh wait it probably was. The Apple iPhone is designed for high social media users who do not like to customize their mobile experience… otherwise known as young adults who happen to be female.

Bottom Line: If you are looking to Instagram and Facebook chat with your friends, or are scared of technology the Apple iPhone is your way to go.



Android is every techies dream, you can play with it, load other software and really make the phone your own. Android of course is owned by Google and making their software available to other companies has led to great things. One of the best things about Android is the wide array of choices for your smart phone. You can have an HTC (at least they went away from Beats audio), LG (They swear the G3 is going to better…), Samsung (the South Korea giants), Motorola (yes they are still around) and Sony (if you can find one). As well, Android allows you to fully customize your phone. I custom loaded a Note 3 kernel on to my Note 2, can you do that on any other device? Nope. Android does have their issues, if you are not on a Nexus device you are going to have to wait till your manufacture releases there version of Android software, and the patches that will inevitably come with it. Android KitKat 4.4 was released on October 31, 2013 on the Nexus 5, and phones are still just getting this update, the last being the HTC one on Sprint… over a year later. Androids are meant for those who are technically able and wanting to fully use their device to its limits. Essentially, it is after those young men who love to tinker and want to show their creativity through their phone.

Bottom Line: If you are looking to personalize your phone and have the ability to utilize millions of apps, Android is the operating system for you.



Blackberry has been a staple in the business world for a number of years, and is known as one of the most secure operating systems out there. However, with the new Blackberry 10, RIM has fallen behind the competition and is just now recovering from the huge drop in sales with their consumer market experiment (Cause that worked so well….). Blackberry is known for its security, it is the phone of choice for the majority of CEO’s of the Fortune 500 and every leader of the G7 can be seen with one. There security is a huge selling feature for those dealing with sensitive material and all of the headaches that come with it. Blackberry is infamous for its Blackberry to Blackberry instant messenger. BBM does not use phone numbers but, rather it uses a individual pin that does not give away your information. With the new BBM you will be able to transfer files, VoIP call, and video message all over secure channels.  As well, with both Apple and Android being added to BBM, this great messenger app is gaining users. There are downsides of Blackberry of course, the first being the lack of apps. Even though Blackberry is giving away $100,000 per developer, they are still having issues bringing Blackberry native apps to its users. You can sideload from Android but, the quality is lacking. Another issue with Blackberry is the shift from BB7 to BB10 is monumental. For some users it is too much of a learning curve to overcome. They miss the buttons, and hate the touch screen. We all know how frustrated your grandfather gets with technology… just imagine that but, with thousands of executives. Blackberry is designed for the modern professional, and is the only phone that still has a physical keyboard.

Bottom Line: Blackberry’s are for those who have to keep secure data safe, and that will be sending thousands of emails a day all while on the go, essentially the modern CEO.

Choosing the right phone is essential, and not everyone will fall into these very broad target audiences. I have my biases, and so will you. Now go out and get that smart phone of your dreams; if you love your Mac and iPad, get that iPhone. If you have a deep love of technology and trying new things on your phone, look no further than an Android. If you are worried about security and still need that physical keyboard go with Blackberry. There are no wrong answers, but if was up to me I would figure out what you want out of your phone and get the phone that matches that, rather than simply looking at brand name.

Author : SNordlund




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