These Things Exist. Gag Gift Ideas.


Today we will be continuing with creative product designs. There were several types of products that can be amazing gag gifts for someone.

Enjoy the collection, you can see more details by clicking on images.

1. Back To The Future: Marty McFly Cap Replica

One-size-fits-all replica cap features ultra-refractive fabrics, Velcro closures, and enough 21st century tech to erase more than a photograph! Add this temporal trapping to your ensemble now before you run OUT A TIME!

2. Lock Laces Elastic Shoelace and Fastening System

Engineered and designed to improve performance and keep laces locked and secure throughout the course of a race, game, practice, or workout. 

3. Go the F..K to sleep – Parenting & Family Book

‘A children’s book for grown-ups! This isn’t a children’s book. This is a wildly amusing, completely relate-able book for real parents of real kids.

4. Goodnight iPad (Book) : a Parody for the next generation

This hilarious parody not only pokes loving fun at the bygone quiet of the original classic, but also at our modern plugged-in lives.

5. Zack & Zoey Polyester/Cotton Basic Dog Hoodie

My dog is the best dressed in the ‘hood!

6. DCI Yummy Pocket, Peanut Butter and Jelly

Remember to grab your sandwich off the sink before you leave.


7. Coca Cola Style USB Flash Drive –  4GB

Coca-cola collection you can use daily.


8. 24-105mm Travel Coffee Mug / Cup / Thermos with Drinking Lid & Quality Stainless Steel Interior

A very fun product that will amaze your friends – looks like the real lens.

9. High Quality 4 GB Camera shape USB Flash drive

Photography student use this flashdrive to hold his portfolio.

10. Honey Badger Funny Notepad

It will make you laugh out loud .the badger is so cute.

11. Aqua Notes – Waterproof Notepad

Some of the best ideas appear in the shower.


12. Dine Ink Pen Cap Eating Utensils

These are perfect for a quick utensil.





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