Alcatel: the Company that has come out of no where


Working in the mobile industry we are normally not surprised when new phones are announced. However, we have all been surprised with the entry of an entirely new company on the introductory Smartphone market. This new entry is Alcatel, and they are quickly becoming one of the top introductory brands in the marketplace. They have been hailed as a great option for those just beginning to use a phone, or for those with children wanting access to the internet. They are a great bargain price for a great quality phone. We are going to examine the current lineup for the Alcatel One Touch Series. Starting with the flip, going to the One Touch Idol X, the One Touch Idol mini, the One Touch and the classic flip version the A392A.

One Touch Idol X- $250 Outright

If you are just getting into your first smart phone, this is a great device to take a look at. The screen itself is a full 1080p HD screen that looks great. Whether you are looking to game on your device, or watch YouTube this device has you covered. With the added bonus of having a full 5” screen this phone is a steal. You will also get a 13 mp camera, which is equal to the majority of top tier brands currently on the market including Apple and Samsung. You will not have to worry about speed with this device, with a solid 1.5 ghz quad core processor it will handle anything you decide to throw at it. It runs 4.2 Jellybean so all of your favorite apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp are going to be easily downloaded. If you are looking for a bigger smart phone for cheap, this is really one of the best options on the market.

One Touch Idol Mini- $150 Outright

This little gem is one hundred percent worth the buy if you are concerned about the size of your phone, and just want to use it as a basic smart phone. The phone itself is a sleek looking device that will not take up too much room, and is light as a feather. With a solid 4.3” screen you will be happy with the size and clarity of it. The phone comes with a 5 mp camera which will allow you snap some decent photos of you and your friends. Although this is lacking, for those concerned about the camera, it is an industry standard with these types of devices. The 1.3 GHz dual core processor will allow you to play games and watch movies flawlessly. The battery life on this device is second to none, and you will be more than surprises. If you are concerned about the apps, do not worry the Idol Mini comes with Android 4.2 which will run all your favorite apps. Whether it is Whatsapp, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or Vine this phone is going to be able to handle it with ease. This phone is a great steal at $150 outright; you will not find a better deal for a brand new phone with any other brand.

A392A- $60

Some of you out there only use your phone as a phone, yes there are still people out there like this, and for them the A392A is the best device out there. This is a classic flip phone that has a great long lasting battery and huge numbers to easily dial. Now it is to be said this phone still uses the classic T9 word texting function. If you are not old enough to have mastered that in your teenage years, this was an antique version of today’s full keyboard. This phone is not designed to send massive amounts of messages, so if you are looking to message your friends a lot, forget this device. It comes with a 2.7” display that is fairly colorful for a phone of this size. The best selling feature of the device is its battery life. It will last you a few days without having to recharge which is always nice. The phone is not going to be able to get your favorite apps, but it will take some grainy pictures with a 2 mega pixel camera. This phone is designed for those who want a cell phone that calls, and that they can message the odd time. It is dirt cheap and it allows you to have the option if you break your current device.

Although Alcatel is new on the block in North America, these phones have made quite a splash. They are great little devices that will allow you do all you want and for cheap. There price point is there best selling feature. You are not going to find many 5” smart phones for $250 outright. That means you can customize your plan and get what you need without having to worry about minimums. As well, the 4.3” model is a great steal at $150. These phones are meant to rival the Motorola series that has just come out, and they are both great options. If you are looking for a great entry smart phone look no further than the One Touch Idol X. If you want a bit of a smaller device while still getting a decent smart phone look at the One Touch Idol Mini. If you are looking for a classic phone for emergencies or only calling the A392A is a steal at $60.




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