Embarrassing Moments Happen Everywhere

Everyone has had those embarrassing moments in life: the kind where your face feels on fire it’s so red, and where you feel like just disappearing into a hole forever. Here are some classic and true examples. Maybe they’ll make you feel a bit

Ten Ways To Deal With Stress

With September around the corner, all of us here at gagimedia are gearing up for the back to school season. With school in session comes the inevitable overload of both work and commitments. This business in your life is a good thing but, it

Guaranteed To Get A Few Groans!

1. A man & woman get pregnant with twins. They decide to put them up for adoption. They are split up – one twin goes to live in India and the family names him Amal, the other goes to a family in Mexico and

The Essentials To Any Man’s Wardrobe

When it comes down to it, we all have our necessities that are required as men. We need a great razor, and a good sturdy pair of shoes. However, chances are you forget about one of the most important things to your love life

Alcatel: the Company that has come out of no where

Working in the mobile industry we are normally not surprised when new phones are announced. However, we have all been surprised with the entry of an entirely new company on the introductory Smartphone market. This new entry is Alcatel, and they are quickly becoming

These Things Exist. Gag Gift Ideas.

Today we will be continuing with creative product designs. There were several types of products that can be amazing gag gifts for someone. Enjoy the collection, you can see more details by clicking on images. 1. Back To The Future: Marty McFly Cap Replica